Our membership prices are SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE, and BASED ON EACH MEMBER’S AGE.

Fees are paid EVERY MONTH conveniently with your credit or PIN-less debit card. To keep cost low, we cannot offer billing/invoicing.

By paying the monthly fee, you have NO COPAYS, UNLIMITED VISITS (office hours only), TELEPHONE CALLS, EMAILS, AND TEXT MESSAGING with the doctor.

While good medicine is based on long term relationships, THERE ARE NO LONG TERM COMMITMENTS OR CONTRACTS. You may quit at anytime by phone, text or e-mail. No reason required. Please not that all charges, including membership fees, continue to accrue until notice of cancellation is given. Should you decide to re-enroll later, we do charge a $200 re-enrollment fee up front. To keep quality high, we also limit our total patients to 500-600. Therefore open enrollment may not be available at a later date.

Monthly membership fees

Note: Because of our small size, it is not possible to offer routine vaccination.
We will arrange this with the local health department.
0 to 17 years old$39.95 monthly
Adults18 to 64 years old$79.95 monthly
Seniors65 years and up$99.95 monthly
Large Family Discount
Normal prices as above, EXCEPT one you have 2 adults & 2 children
enrolled for one family, each additional child (under 18) is just $19.95/mo
Addl children under 18$19.95 monthly per child
Group Discount (for businesses, extended adult families, and other groups)
Requires 5 or more adults under one payor
Any age$69.95 monthly per adult

BONUS! $29.95 monthly per child (under 18) with at least 1 enrolled parent

Additional charges:

Your preferred/covered lab1
Wholesale prices at QUEST, LABCORP, or other lab
House Calls$200 (only available within 10 miles of clinic)
Specialist eConsults (RubiconMD)Included at No Extra Charge
No Shows
Notify us 4 hours prior to appointment to avoid
$25 per incident
Membership Cancellation
For any reason, no questions asked!
No Charge2

1FOR PATIENTS WITH INSURANCE: We typically send any orders for ancillary services like labs, imaging, and pharmacy to the facility your insurance prefers. This will usually be the lowest cash outlay for you, BUT NOT ALWAYS. This is especially important for those who have high deductibles. Given access to wholesale prices, these prices can be lower than co-pays.

2RE-ENROLLMENT AFTER MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION: Please note that we are limited to 500 patients total and enrollment may not be open at a later date due to this limit. There is also a $200 charge for re-enrollment later in addition to your monthly membership, paid up front. If you have financial concerns, we invite you to discuss these with us in advance, prior to cancellation.

Prices are subject to change.

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